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Carving Control

The rail design on the underbelly enables riders to steer by simply leaning into the turns.

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Technical Specifications

Zipfy is manufactured using an ingenious blow-molding technique that connects the center handle piece with the seat base of the sled, resulting in structural integrity even when exposed to abnormally high-stress conditions.

Zipfy is produced with a high molecular weight high density polyethylene, one of the industry’s toughest plastics, ensuring the utmost rigidity and durability. The plastic compound also contains a UV stabilizer which guards against damage and discoloration caused by the sun’s rays.

Zipfy was built with both safety and performance in mind. The feet-first design reduces the risk of injury and allows the rider to slow down and stop quickly by using his feet and heels. The rail design of the underbelly results in unparalleled performance in carving and slalom turning. The structural design of the sled allows for more than 250 lbs of passenger weight and yet is incredibly light, portable and easy-to-carry.

WEIGHT: 3.5 LBS DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 21” X 13” X 16”



Actual testimonials from verified purchasers on

★★★★★ Victoria S.
These little sleds are simply ingenious! Toddlers, teens, and adults ride them, all with ease and fun. They are light but sturdy and definitely constructed of a very hard durable rough resistant plastic that looks like it will last many years.

★★★★★ Mike
Yup, 5 stars for sure! I'm such a fan I have 4 of them; my own little fleet. These things go SO well, powder or packed. They're very comfortable. I even catch a handful of feet of air - yeah, that's right, hands and feet everywhere with these babies! Booyah! And I'm 5'11' and weigh 175 lbs. Zipfy riding has replaced snowboarding for me!

★★★★★ Bianca
Funnest little sled ever! Hours of fun to be had on this for both children and adults alike!

★★★★★ Anonymous
This sled rocks! Very easy, very cool, small and easy to transport. Everyone at the ski area bar was lining up for a try!


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